Fireball Special

    Afternoon Cruise
    & Night Time Return
    To Spot Fireballs:
    Nong Khai to
    Phon Phisai on
    16th October 2015

16th October: Fireballs in Style...

If you are coming
to Nong Khai to
see the Mekong
on Sunday, 16th of October 2016
why not travel down to Phon Phisai (and on to Ban Nam Pe where the Fireballs can be seen) in style. Cruising on the Mekong River on our boat, "The Nagarina", Pao, my wife, is organising an elegant afternoon lunch and a banquet dinner on the way back. On the silent river at night Fireballs may be visible.

There are places for just sixty people to sail the 55 kilometres from Nong Khai to Phon Phisai and on to Ban Nam Pe along the Mekong River. During the approximately five hour trip you will be served a beautiful late lunch. Leaving Nong Khai at 11.00am and arriving in Phon Phisai in the afternoon, then on to Ban Nam Pe,we will be passing some of the wilder parts of the Mekong.

Pao is organising wonderful meals on board featuring a range of international Asian dishes together with some local Isan recipes, and she loves making sweets. Moreover, we are planning to set up a bar down on the lower decks for you to purchase our classic Mekong cocktails. There can't be a more fun way to arrive at Phon Phisai to see the festival for a short while, then on to watch for the Fireballs at Ban Nam Pe!

We arrive in Phon Phisai in the late afternoon, in time to see the crowds and the stalls of the festival along the riverbank. Later, at Ban Nam Pe the Fireballs usually first appear around 7.30 pm after dark and shoot up once in a while until around 10.00pm. Around that time we will start the journey home.

And on the way home we will offer a beautiful banquet on board the Nagarina with everyone sitting down together on one long table. After this comes a very long night's cruise when you might get a chance to spot a fireball on the silent river. Now the tables will be packed away and you can lounge on cushions, or go down to the bar for a cocktail.

So come join the festival in style, and put your name down for a touch of elegant fun! Dress to match the occasion if you wish! Just send us an email to [email protected] and we will send you instructions and place your name on our list!

The price of the trip including, boat trip, late lunch out and dinner back, one glass of wine (but excluding cocktails from the bar), and lounge trip snoozing on the boat to Nong Khai is 2800 Baht per person. Payment to be made in advance. For further information write to the email address above and Julian will reply quickly.