Live Music
Bar Afloat
On The Maekong River

Probably the most romantic bar on the Maekong River, Gaia has become something of a cultural focus point. For here, people from all around the world have delighted both us and our guests by playing music, telling stories, making performances and presenting movies of cultural interest.

The Tambourine
Is Yours...

Anybody can play or perform who wishes to. You don't have to be the most polished player... what matters more is fun and gusto!

Moreover, we don't expect you artists to offer your art for nothing... as towards the end of any performance, we stand up and hail the audience to dig deep into their pockets as the tambourine is passed round. At the end of the night, whatever donation is in the tambourine is yours!

The bar is built on the end of the raft where the Nagarina Riverboat docks and so looks straight over the water towards the sunset and moonset and to Laos. The design reflects local cultural motifs and is comfortably laid out with Thai triangular cushions and low wooden Thai daises. It is gently illuminated at night with Chinese- Thai lanterns & lamps so the lights of the river can also be seen.

It floats right on the Maekong river, just below the Mut Mee Garden, and opens every day at 5.00pm in the evening. It stays open until at least 11.00 every night, and if patrons wish, later still.

Beer, spirits, wine and cocktails are available for those who drink alcohol; and for those who don't, there's an unusual range of juices, teas and coffees.

One of the first acts ever to play here were Jimmy and Triin from England and Estonia. They had cycled all the way to Thailand, across Russia and China from Europe, playing along the way for the money to travel. During one song Jimmy delighted everybody by stripping down to his undies, then plunging into the Maekong river. Singing all the way, he then floated right under the raft, came up the other side, picked up his clarinet and continued!

We also support local culture by hosting Isan artists. Thai minstrels perform with their traditional instruments like the Kaen (large pan pipes) or the Pin (a guitar like stringed instrument) and Ponglang (xylophone).

So do come and listen and do come and perform. And if you've got the skill and the guts, the fun and the wit, come make the show... remember at the end of it "The Tambourine Is Yours!"