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We perfer bookings by Email. We do not like using expensive online booking agencies.
[email protected]

From simple single rooms to air-con accommodation with hot shower, Mut Mee has many kinds of rooms. It's easy to book... send us an email to
[email protected]

This is our house! Originally built for the favourite mistress of Khun Prajak in the 1880's, it overlooks the river beside the two spirit houses of "Jao Mare Song Nam". (See: "Anou Savari Festival") According to legend, these two Lao princesses lost their lives in the river, and are thus the guardians of all who cross.

As every room in Mut Mee is different, this does mean we sometimes must ask you for a little flexibility on room choice...

As a result we can't always guarantee bookings for a specific room, as it may be already occupied. However, don't panic! If we can't get it... we'll do our best to find something similar.

This is me, Julian, and I put this picture here as it will probably be me that takes your booking! I can offer you advice on how to get here and what to do. We often ask for a confirmation email a few days before your arrival, or if you wish, we can arrange a deposit payment on a room. We are always willing to be flexible with bookings and would much prefer that you wrote to us personally rather than using an online agency such as or Agoda.

In order to make a booking, preferably email us at [email protected] . We check our email religiously everyday. However, if you wish to you can also phone us on +66 (0)42 460 717 but we prefer email.

Arun: The Royal Suite: superb balcony overlooking Mekong river, double bed & single bed, aircon, hot water, cable TV and beautifully appointed...

1400 - 1650 Baht
(36 - 32 Euros)
Dharuni: The River Room: double bed aircon, hot water, cable TV and beautifully appointed...

1000 - 1200 Baht
(26 - 31 Euros)
Double: air conditioning, bathroom with hot water, mosquito net / screens, verandah (superior doubles with cable TV) …

600 - 1000 Baht
(15.5 - 26 Euros)
Double: bathroom with hot water, fan, mosquito net / screens, verandah...

400 - 600 Baht
(10.5 - 15.5 Euros)
Double / Twin: fan, mosquito net / screens...

300 - 400 Baht
(7.5 - 10.5 Euros)
Triple: 3 beds, mosquito net / screens, fan…

370 Baht
(9.5 Euros)
Single: mosquito net / screens, fan, no bathroom...

220 Baht
(6.5 Euros)