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As Nong Khai is on the border with Laos there are wonderful shopping opportunites here as all sorts of things to buy are available from nearby countries, such as Laos, Vietnam, China, or even as far away as Russia.

Having exhausted youself at the Taa Sadej Indo-China Market, Village Weaver Handicrafts, or the ChayaPorn or Pho Chai Markets, then you might want to take yourself off for a swim, or even go fishing!


The Taa Sadej Market in the centre of town is one of the greatest attractions in Nong Khai. It has one of the most extraordinary ranges if knick-knacks I've ever seen, arriving from Laos, Vietnam, China and even Russia.
There are some high quality goods too, such as silk and silverware.

Some of the items for sale are truly extraordinary. For instance, who would imagine that there is a big market for technicoloured concrete chameleons clinging to wooden posts? But, they are there, year after year, so someone must buy them!

There is much more than these, though, including good binoculars and some beautiful wooden bowls.

Village Weaver Handicrafts

Village Weaver Handicrafts, is a self help project, supporting women in gainful employment and making a range of exquisite high quality textiles, clothes and handicrafts. It is run by Khun Tong Boothae.

The project aims to assist women to achieve their own income and thus counter the plight of poverty which often forces women into prostitution.

The project is closely associated with the Catholic Good Shepard Sisters who have been very active in Nong Khai for many years. For further information visit their website at

Haad Jomanee

So... after all that sightseeing and shopping, you probably want some relaxation. And during the hot season, why not go down to the sandy beach on the Maekong River under the bridge. You could try inner-tubing or just sitting eating papaya salad and barbecued fish like this Thai family is doing. It's lots of fun!

The Fishing Park

Or... why not do like this little lad did, and go fishing at the town fishing park. Their lakes are well stocked with some monster fish... as you can see.

They often have competitions which can be great fun... and the locals are just delighted if some foreigners show up.

But there's no guarantee you're going to be as successful as this clever young man was!