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1111/4 Kaeworawut Road
Nong Khai 43000, Thailand
Tel: +66 (0)42 460 717
Fax: +66 (0)42 412 182

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My Dear Visitor,

Go to Sculpture Park PageFirst of all let us present our enormous INDEX full of things to do in and around Nong Khai. Including the Scupture Park, Historical Park and Taa Sadej Market. Also see the huge number of events including Ladies Day, The Boat Races and The Mekong Fireballs.

Mut Mee is a Tree Filled Garden Guest House
beside the Mekong River in the historic Serpent City of Nong Khai, so called because there are over 500 images of the sacred Naga Serpent which is said to live in mighty Mekong. Nagas welcome you at the gigantic town gate, in the town fountain, along the Mekong promenade, at the entrance to temples and on the street lamps... in Nong Khai Nagas are everywhere!

Go to Yoga PageMut Mee is surrounded by people giving courses in yoga, massage, reiki, and fitness training. It's a light hearted community of both Thais and foreigners that's entertained many, many visitors of all ages from all over the world for more than fifteen years. And Nong Khai is such a special place that a number return to see us every year and some have even come to live with us!

Go to Historical Park PageFrequently, people are drawn here to see the famous Sculpture Park, Salakeawkoo with its serpent images reaching over seven stories high... Quite a few come on a quest to see the magical Maekong Fireballs... And many others because they have heard of the truly mysterious mushroom shaped rocks at the Phu Phra Bat Historical Park, which people lived under more than 3000 years ago.

Go to Nagarina Boat PageOften it is the river itself which is the star attraction, and the glorious sunset over it. The Maekong in Nong Khai has one particularly special feature. That is the remains of an ancient Chedi (spire) which fell into it in 1849 as the river gouged away at the riverbank. In the year 2001 this was rebuilt as the new Wat Taat which is a spectacular addition to the town.

Go to Mut Mee PageYet there are those who simply want to sit in our large garden, just to watch the Maekong flow by and look at Laos on the other side... So, if you are searching for further information about the north-east of Thailand, or Visas to Laos, or you would simply like to book a room, do send an email and we will try our best to send an answer with the speed of wing'ed mercury.

Go to Events PageWe send you our warmest wish... that we may one day have the privilege of meeting you...

Julian, Benjamin & Pao Wright,
The owners of Mut Mee.

Last Updated... 6th of June, 2016

19th - 20th July
Ladies Day & Buddhist Lent

See the Ladies of Nong Khai dancing in the streets to make sure their sweet hearts don't forget them before they ordain at the start of Bhuddist Lent.
Info here

Painting by Lisa Lippuner
Inspired by years at Mut Mee
Many of our rooms feature her immensely sensitive work


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